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Sports Betting Tips
September 9, 2022 0 Comments

Getting started with sports betting online will certainly be easier for you if you can follow the betting tips of successful tipsters. We asked three experienced sports betting experts for their professional sports betting tips. Let these tips guide you through your first online sports betting experience and try out the best sports betting tips for your success. On the way to real money winnings, you can thus gradually develop your strategy!

1) Combi bets

Combination bets are risky but reward the player with higher betting odds. The trick is not to chain too many single bets together and better to combine only two picks on one ticket. Try a combination bet on two favourites!

2) Bet on late goals

Bet on late goals

Often, goals or at least one goal are scored in the last 15 minutes of a soccer match. For this purpose, betting portals offer a special bet with attractive odds. Note to play the type of bet on suitable matches: The fight must be worthwhile, so it should be a match on the knockout principle.

3) Take a business approach

The bookmaker is a businessman, so you should act like one yourself. Document your betting game with an accounting system, visualize profit and loss in a table and conscientiously determine what works and what doesn’t about your betting system. Honestly admit your own mistakes, and then you can learn from them.

4) Make the right choice between undergods and favourites

If you pre-match does not know who will make the match, bet on a section of the match. Especially in sports with sets, it can be typical that an underdog first takes the lead and then the favourite decides the match. Use set betting skilfully!

5) Limit the amount of the stake

I keep my betting capital together and prefer to bet less. Only use money that you don’t need for other things in life. I recommend betting a maximum of one to two per cent of your total capital per bet. “Every little bit helps” and smaller winnings add up.

6) Play mainly single bets

As you can see, I’m not into risk and therefore hold back on combination bets and system bets. A single bet is a clear thing, and I don’t have to be annoyed that a single tip destroys an otherwise successful betting slip for me. This way, I also automatically limit my losses.

7) Study sports betting pro tips

There’s nothing wrong with getting advice from the pros. Even in my favourite sports, I don’t know everything by a long shot. It’s legitimate to read betting tips and include them in your analysis. But you should be able to understand every tip and every strategy. If your assessment differs or you don’t understand a tactic, you should refrain from placing a bet.

8) Manage your budget

A sports betting bookkeeping is a must for me. Set a framework and a fixed budget for your betting game. Log your capital, your winnings and losses and put the movements on your betting account about your sports betting strategy. Also, don’t be afraid to cash out your real money winnings regularly and enjoy it!

9) Bet without alcohol

Bet without alcohol

Even though soccer and partying go together for many fans, you should always stay sober when betting, in both senses. Alcohol impairs judgment, so don’t celebrate your betting success until you’ve finished your prediction game and are done betting.

9) Losses are part of game

Even a professional does not always win. Losses are part of betting and can never be avoided. Evaluate your strategy as objectively as possible and don’t forget that it takes time to see what is successful. Do not react to losing bets in the short term and do not try to make up for a loss immediately with the next tip. If necessary, you can take a break in which you only deal with the analysis or bet smaller amounts.

10) Compare betting providers

The provider comparison is always worthwhile, whether it is about the sports betting bonus, betting odds, sports or mobile sports betting. The available betting options can differ even for individual games and events, so invest the necessary time and don’t hesitate to switch betting providers sometimes.

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