The straw hat, an accessory with timeless elegance

The straw hat is a timeless accessory that can be used in infinite combinations.

From the most glamorous outfits, with a sundress and low sandal , to the more casual ones, with a shirt and a particular jeans , up to the timeless beach look, with the maxi kaftan and a precious sandal .

Especially in summer, when the weather gets hot, the straw hat will be the perfect ally to feel elegant and protect yourself from the sun.

Like many garments that have become must haves, the straw hat has its roots in popular tradition. Before becoming the favorite accessory of the great divas of the 50s to protect their beauty from the sun, the straw hat was used by women who worked in the fields to create a little shade above the head during the hottest hours.

For example, in the film “Bitter rice”, with the timeless Silvana Mangano, you often see yourself covering the head of the rice peasants, the rice field workers.

The straw hat evokes in our imagination a scenario of seaside holidays, like a movie star.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot; but also Julia Roberts in the film “Pretty Woman” in the scene of her wild shopping, proving the fact that it is not just a beach accessory.

The strength of the straw hat lies in the infinite variety of its forms .

There are those with very wide brim, capable of covering the shoulders; those who remember Panama; the French-style models flattened above the head and those with caps.

Even the weaving of straw can make the difference, perhaps with a contrasting fabric that makes it stand out.

It is an accessory that can be personalized in many different ways , playing with the colors and sizes of the ribbons that are usually applied between the top of the garment and the brim of the hat or by applying a particular pin that speaks of our style.

Is there perhaps a more elegant and feminine gesture of taking off a straw hat in one movement and waving your hair in the wind to revive the fold? We believe not!

Ruffle dresses, the fabric insert that gives movement

The ruffles are among the great protagonists of the current fashion season.

Light and fresh , they know how to give movement to dresses and blouses in a simple and original way.

It is a fabric insert that is curled and applied on the garment in strategic points. It captures attention and can be used to emphasize a particular point.

Summer fashion 2017 sees a great return of this detail.

We find it in the dresses with the boat neckline but also as an accessory, instead of the sleeves and shoulder straps.

Ruffle dresses, because they are so popular.

What is striking is certainly the fluidity given to each movement .

It also breaks the most essential lines and the solid color. It is fresh and light, caresses the skin and is perfect in romantic looks.

The trendy garments for this summer 2017 are sweaters and blouses with contrasting inserts or in particular fabrics.

Perfect for enhancing a simple jeans; do not go unnoticed in the formal dress.

The ruffle will also be the protagonist of the next winter season together with the ruffles. Fashion is increasingly “curled” and the different seasonal fabrics and colors are no longer seen as a limit.

We will find them, therefore, also in fall / winter version declined in total black and white.

Which fabrics to choose?

Not all fabrics are suitable in the same way to give the right effect to the ruffle dress.

For the most refined or ceremonial garments, yes satin , silk , georgette . If you are looking for a more casual or sporty dress or blouse, the ideal is the classic cotton .

In any case, the perfect ruffle is the full-bodied one , capable of having almost a life of its own, which moves but always returns perfect.