Domain: domain information to be connected.

Hello, we continue with basic wordpress training. In this article, we will examine how to install wordpress with all its methods. By the end of this article, you will learn how to install and run your own WordPress site on your hosting.

I will explain the WordPress installation on What is WordPress? and what are the differences between and those who do not know can take a look at my previous post. (click: what is wordpress? )

To set up a WordPress site, you must have purchased domain and hosting. You can read my previous articles for those who are curious about domain and hosting purchases. (click: what is domain? how to get it? ) – (click: what is hosting? how to get it?

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1 Step-by-Step WordPress Setup

1.1 Downloading WordPress

1.2 Uploading WordPress Files to Hosting

1.2.1 Uploading with the cPanel File Manager

1.2.2 Uploading with FTP

1.3 Creating a WordPress Database

1.4 Complete WordPress Installation

Step-by-Step WordPress Setup

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In order to install WordPress, we first download the latest version of wordpress from . (click: download wordpress )

Uploading WordPress Files to Hosting

1- We purchased a hosting and the hosting package we purchased; We go to cpanel from the manage hosting section .

Uploading with the cPanel File Manager

2- We enter the File Manager and install the wordpress we downloaded. We perform the installation into public_html in the hosting directory .

# (This situation may vary when more than one domain is added in reseller hosting packages. If you need to install wordpress in another directory, contact the hosting company’s support department.)

Important: There is a wordpress folder inside the downloaded file. First, extract the downloaded file to your computer, then zip the contents of the wordpress folder and install it. Otherwise, the files will exit to a wordpress folder in your hosting. This causes your site to work as

# Download we click on the button and we choose WordPress you have downloaded in .zip format.

3- After the installation process is complete, right click on the uploaded zip file> extract .

# After the extraction process is complete, we delete the zip file we uploaded in order not to take up space in vain.

# If you reached a screen like this, it means you have successfully uploaded your wordpress files to your hosting. That’s it!

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# FTP (File Transfer Protocol), that is, File Transfer Protocol . As you can understand from its name, it is used to transfer files between two computers. We can send the files on our computer to our hosting via FTP.

# If we want to do the upload process via FTP, we will need an FTP program for this. The most widely used FTP program is FileZilla . (click: Download FileZilla )

Note: In order to provide FTP connection, FTP information consisting of server name, username and password is required. This information is usually sent by mail after purchase by your hosting company. However , if you do not have FTP information, you can create an FTP account via CPanel .

1- To open an FTP account through cPanel, first login to the FTP Accounts section.

2- We create the FTP account by filling the information in the Add FTP Account section and clicking the Create FTP Account button.

# Login: Username information to be used during FTP connection.

# Domain: domain information to be connected.

# Directory: Directory information to be connected to in hosting. (public_html directory in etc.)

3- Then we open FileZilla or our preferred FTP program and connect by typing our connection information.

4- After the FTP connection is provided, we see our computer on one side and our hosting on the other side in the opened windows. We send the files to be uploaded via the FTP program to our host with drag / drop and we end the file upload process.