Shared hosting

And here we are at our shared web hosting. The ‘ hosting shared is a paid product that is made provisions by different companies and allows multiple users to use a particular web server. Each user has the possibility to choose a shared hosting package suitable for his needs, generally each company offers a minimum of three, one small, one medium and one large. In this way, every private or professional user can identify the product that best suits their needs. Shared hosting must be linked to a personalized and therefore paid domain that we can buy wherever we want. Let’s see what are the advantages of a shared server.

Shared hosting benefits:

When we talk about a shared hosting we said that it is available on a specific web server and is available to multiple users at the same time. These are all the advantages that we find in the purchase of a shared hosting:

  • Annual payment of the product
  • Many shared hosting services
  • Cheap product compared to VPS
  • Various packages available to choose from
  • Simple installation, practical and guided. This also allows novice users to install the product without a professional.
  • Safety available thanks to the professional managers who take care of it for us.
  • Automatic backup of our periodic website.
  • No cost for the physical machine to be borne by the user / end customer
  • Repairs performed by the provider and at no cost to users
  • Ability to manage their products individually.

Hosting shared the disadvantages:

Obviously as each product has its pros but also its cons. Here are all the cons that we can find in the purchase of this shared hosting that allows other websites besides ours to be able to exploit it:

Use of server space is limited to the purchase package. If we need more space or more power we need to upgrade the package to a higher one.

All resources available on the server are divided among all users.

If one of the users generates too much traffic compared to the one that has the possibility to support the web server, all the sites supported on this particular server will have unpleasant retaliation and consequences.

It is not possible to customize the performance of our web hosting as the only one who can manage the entire physical machine is the provider.


So how to choose our hosting?

To choose our hosting in order to avoid the purchase of a wrong product, we must carefully evaluate the expectations of the site. Based on this analysis, we can go towards the purchase of a product. To consider that for large shops, that is with a very vase product catalog, it is better to buy a VPS so as to have full accessibility to the server and be able to customize it on your needs. If, on the other hand, we have a small shop with a few hundred products, we will have no problem relying on shared hosting.

The ideal is however to constantly monitor our data and our statistics so that if we notice unexpected traffic peaks or a greater number of visits generated by our online portals we can change hosting by switching to a more suitable type of product. There are many products that we can find online so we have to do is choose a product suitable for our needs. The hosting free are however excluded each time we intend to run a professional website or business, goes fact of our image. Always remember that the online site is our sales showcase.