Add a Site to reseller hosting cPanel WHM


The procedure for creating a new account in best email hosting uk company is quite straightforward. The first step is to access the WHM reseller panel. The speech of the WHM panel is: (altering by your website address).
This report applies only to cPanel resellers. If your reseller is about the DirectAdmin panel, you’ll have to stick to this other tutorial.
Then enter the login and password. This information will be sent to a email when the account is activated.
Make new reseller hosting account 0
Then you’ll access the WHM hosting reseller panel.

Firstly, on this screen, you have to inform the information of this new website you want to make within your resale.
Domain: website domain
Username: will be generated automatically by the computer system. It’ll be the FTP login and control panel for this site.

personal email hosting
Password: FTP access password along with controller panel

Email: inform the email address of the owner of This Site
Thus, in the Package area, check the option Select options . This way you will choose each configuration of this site to be created.
These settings can be stored and reused automatically for other customers, if you select the Save manual preferences as a package option
For instance, this additional article teaches you how to make a domain and email hosting plan (package) in your reseller.
Create new reseller hosting account 1
Subsequently, by scrolling down the screen, you may pick the settings for the new site. In this instance, we will restrict the disc space to 10GB (10000 MB).
Important: each reseller plan has a particular disk space limitation. Even creating sites with infinite space, the total amount of space utilized by your websites must remain inside your sanity limitation.
Manual resource options

Disk space quota: is your site space

Limit Bandwidth limit: equal to the monthly traffic limit

Maximum email accounts: quantity Amount of email accounts permitted

Maximum parked domains: The number of mirror domains on the Website can be created, in addition to the Primary domain
Maximum add-on domains: The number of complementary domains can be created, along with the Primary domain
Maximum emails per hourhourly email limit to prevent SPAM. We recommend not using more than 100.
Maximum percent of neglected or deferred messages that a domain can send per hour: This option helps prevent SPAM, and boosts the reputation of your hosting freelancer’s email address.
Still, this additional article explains the difference between a mirror domain name and a match domain.
Make new reseller hosting accounts 2

Dedicated IP: gives a unique IP for this website to be created. Notice the limit of dedicated IPs for your reseller accounts.
Shell Access: Allows the user to access the Linux server via the SSH terminal.
CPanel theme: would be your visual (template) of cPanel.
Locality: cPanel control panel language

Server configurations
Change account right into a freelancer: Make this website a reseller account (only accessible Resale C and D plans)
Create the accounts proprietary: keep it always disabled.
Create new reseller hosting accounts 3.
DNS settings

Enable DKIM with this account: Consistently keep it permitted. This enhances email delivery, which makes use of Domainkeys – DKIM.

Name servers: Keep both of these DNS well. You have to enter them at the domain registration of this website which you are creating, so that the domain name is pointed to the site personal email hosting server.
Email routing settings

First, we recommend that you keep the Local Messaging Server option active. The remaining options are for advanced use, and permit you to use an outside MX server.
Eventually, at the end of filling, click Create.

Make new reseller hosting account 4
After clicking Create, the accounts will be created on the hosting server. This procedure will take a couple of moments.
Create new reseller hosting account 5

Access info to the brand new hosted website
To sum up, your website is already established within your cPanel reseller.
Subsequently, on this screen you can see the information for accessing the site. Keep this information well.
Make new reseller hosting account 6

Finally, you’ll need to configure your domain name registrar’s DNS servers to point to Homehost’s website hosting server.
Accessing cPanel and publishing the site via FTP

By way of example, to publish the website you can consult this informative article on the best way to upload files through FTP.
The address of the cPanel control panel is, always shifting from the title of the hosted domain name.