What is a domain and how is it composed?

Whether you are thinking of creating your own website or if you already have one, chances are that you have read the term “domain” many times. This is because the domain is one of the most important elements on a website.

What is an internet domain and how to choose one?Enlarge

In this article, we are going to explain what a domain is and, in addition, we will give you some tips so that you know how to choose yours.

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What is a domain and how is it composed?

The domain is that name that is given to a website so that users can easily identify it. This name is unique and unrepeatable given that, in addition to acting as an identifier for the website, it also serves as an address in the online world.

The domain is the concatenation of two elements: the domain name and the extension. The domain name is that word or conjunction of words that is chosen without restrictions (unless it is busy). That is, there are no specific limitations for the domain name. It can be found at the URL, after “www.”. We could say that it occupies the central place of it.

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The domain extension is at the end (after the name) and, unlike the domain name, there are a limited number of endings that can be used. That is, you cannot invent the extension, you must select it from the existing ones. The extensions are classified by category (for example, “.com” is related to trade; “.tech” has to do with technology, among others) or by region (“.es” for Spain, “.mx” for Mexico, etc.).

Everything related to domains is regulated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This is because, in addition to how important domains are in the creation of websites, there is a business for buying and selling domains on the internet.

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The importance of the internet domain

The reality is that registering suitable domains has great advantages in branding and SEO positioning. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, the domain occupies a prominent place in the web address. At the same time, it can be used to create institutional emails that reinforce the branding of a business, company or brand.

However, the main importance of the domain is that they are names that are easier to memorize than the IP address of your website. Can you imagine your clients learning the series of numbers that make up your IP? The truth is, no. But they will learn the domain name to find you in the digital world.

How to choose the ideal domain for your website?

After so many concepts and explanations, we want to give you some tips that you should take into account when choosing a domain for a site. These tips will help you make the process much easier.

# 1 Take into account the brand identity of the venture

Before you dive into nonstop naming, take some time to define what the visual and brand identity of your business is. Specifying some concepts will help you define which are the keywords that define the business objective.

# 2 Try to reflect the essence of the business

Relating it to the previous point, it is necessary that you take into account the objectives of the business, the area in which it is located and what it markets. Using any of these definitions will help users easily identify what they are going to find on the website. This will help boost the SEO positioning of the site.

# 3 Avoid using words that cannot be pronounced

On many occasions, words in other languages ​​are chosen with very representative meanings. This type of term, despite the beauty that surrounds its concept, does not serve to act either as a brand name or as a domain. This has to do with their difficulty to be remembered and pronounced (there are words that have almost no vowels) so they will not be useful to remain in the minds of users.

# 4 Choose something short and don’t use punctuation marks

Longer terms tend to be more difficult for people to remember. This is why it is best to use short and concise names.

Another issue is the use of punctuation marks. If there is any sign (a period, a dash, etc.), it will be much more difficult to pronounce and easier to forget.

# 5 The domain extension also matters

Although it does not occupy a central place, the domain extension orients on the item and / or region of the website. Providing more precision to users through the URL, helps, as we mentioned before, to improve the SEO of the web and makes each click worth more.

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These brief tips will help you in the not so simple task of choosing a suitable domain for your website. All you need is to spend time and research on the choice. But remember, it’s not impossible!