Cheap Hosting: The Best Low Cost Web Spaces With Free Domain [COUPON DISCOUNT INSIDE]

If you are looking for cheap hosting, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the ranking and reviews of the best Italian and foreign cheap hosting .

You can buy a domain cheap hosting reliable at low cost for your wordpress blog or website .

Often times, for those who want to create a website, the biggest problem is to bear the costs of a hosting plan and internet domain without having the certainty that the website will bear fruit.

Initially there is always a tendency to find something free to see how it all works. Very wrong move to make.

You cannot start a project or a website with limitations at the start! We would immediately start on the wrong foot, and the confidence and motivational charge that we place on the project would be immediately affected.

Some people even try to rely on free services , not knowing the risks or limitations they will face.

First of all, the website and internet domain must be owned by you , not the services that offer you a free web space and a domain (with their brand in the URL) for free and then get trapped in their system.

Your website must have an unrestricted hosting service, owned by you and operating at full capacity, with all the options active and above all a technical support that follows you 24 hours a day. From the beginning. Point.

The positive thing? That today web hosting is cheaper than you think. In short, who doesn’t have to spend € 24.28 a year? Yes, you got it right. In this article I will find you the best cheap hosting at bargain prices (free web domain included).


To meet the need to make the possession of a website accessible to everyone, I decided to review the best cheap hosting that you can use to create your blog , website , WordPress site , Joomla , WooCommerce or whatever.

All the web hosting that I will let you know have the free one-click WordPress installation in Italian . The WordPress installation that allows you to have a website in less than 3 minutes.

A short introduction: there are some cheap hosting such as Siteground and Hostgator that allow you to buy an internet domain and hosting for only a month . It might be tempting to pay just one month to “see how it goes”, but let’s see what happens …

Both Siteground hosting and Hostgator are a little “bastards” when you decide to buy the cheap hosting plan for just one month . For example, if you decide to buy a single month with Siteground, the domain remains free, but you would have to pay the addition of the installation price of 12 € :

Hosting month try SitegroundIf instead you decide to buy at least a year, in addition to the free lifetime domain , you would also have free installation going to save on the final cost. And since Siteground hosting offers you a 60% discount (which you can activate by clicking here ) I don’t think buying an internal year instead of just a month makes a big difference. Above all for the quality of the services that Siteground offers.

HostGator instead, does not put any additional price for the installation, BUT if you choose the hosting plan for a month it only makes you pay for the internet domain . Which does not happen if you decide to buy at least one year of hosting. Only then will the domain become free.

Hosting month try HostgatorIn conclusion, they both push to buy at least a year for your convenience and theirs .

(I recommend buying at least one year myself)

Now let’s see the cheapest hosting in the ranking, NOT the best price , but the best value for money .

# 1 – [COUPON -60%] Better Economic Hosting: Siteground .

At the first position among cheap hosting we find Siteground .

I know, I often praise this hosting, but I have a good reason. Most of my sites are online and are successful precisely because they are hosted by Siteground hosting .

In addition to the annual economic cost that is around 57 euros ( with the 60% discount you can receive by clicking here ), Siteground has all the credentials needed to maintain a fast, snappy and hassle-free website.

In terms of quality / price ratio, I consider Siteground to be the best economic hosting , especially if you want to build a website in Italian and for an audience resident in Italy, given that one of their servers is located in Europe. In fact, remember that the greater the distance of the servers that host your site than the target audience, the longer the loading time of the pages. A very important factor if you want to take into account the user experience and the SEO score to get on the search engines.

Siteground hosting plans:

Cheap hosting plans SitegroundOne Year Siteground Final Cost: 57,83 EURO

Final cost one year with siteground

Important thing to keep in mind is that this price is a special price , obtained thanks to a discount that Siteground makes available to those who buy Siteground hosting for the first time. If you want to take advantage of the 60% discount, just click here .

# 2 – [COUPON -60%] Second Best Economic Hosting: HostGator

I was able to test Hostgator for a month for only 10 euros . It satisfied me and I later bought a whole year. (I want to clarify that the domain was not offered to me by HostGator, I had already purchased it for 0.99 euros on GoDaddy ).