It is important to consider a few basic things.

Suppose you already have a perfect domain name, but you are not sure about the domain registrar. If in doubt, don’t worry. You have the chance to make a change, and that’s pretty simple. It is possible, and often easy, to simply transfer , which you own to another registrar.

So how do you know if the transfer is right?

You will find out why it is important to perform a renewal of your domain or to transfer your domain to another registrar! Domain renewal and transfer is the subject of today’s article.

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You will be able to realize that not all domain registrars are the same and there are things that it is recommended to avoid when choosing your registrar. Once you have chosen him, you automatically receive good news: that you are not obliged to use his services forever. You can part with it by choosing to transfer your domain at any time.

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Don’t just look at the services and features. Take a look and see how they are offered to you. Each of the registrars will offer you a multitude of services, including personal data protection, web hosting and e-mail.

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If you think you do not have all the features or services you are looking for at one registrar, turn to another one, with packages that really suit your needs.

What questions arise when choosing your registrar?
One, the main one, would be related to the price . You will definitely wonder if all the features you need have an extra cost or are already included in the package you are going to purchase.

A renewal price plus transfer of only 7.99 Euro / year for example, offered by GlobeHosting will be much more convenient than the 14, 28 Euro / year offered by RoTLD. It is important to study the competitive market well and to find the solution that suits you the most.

How simple is it still?

Then comes the ease of use : Are the features you will benefit from easy to implement? Will it take effort on your part or will your registrar provide you with simple tools to simplify domain management?

These are questions that are important to ask yourself and of course to choose according to the right and convenient answer to them. Live support is also an important element that you need to be sure you will benefit from.

One thing that if you still don’t know, we think it’s time to find out is that from March 1, 2018, the domains.RO have switched to the annual payment system! What this means? It means that all .RO domains registered until this date have an expiration date. As everything that expires needs to be replaced you will need to do the same for your site.

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If you haven’t already done so, your domain has probably been deleted. You can add starting from 1 year to 10 years of validity to the domain you own, 10 years being the maximum validity period for a

There is nothing simpler than transferring your domain to GlobeHosting. You probably think it’s a complicated thing that involves a lot of hassle. Regarding a transfer, if you registered directly through RoTLD or through another partner and you want it to be managed and extended through GlobeHosting it ‘s simple. You have the chance to make the transfer for free using only a transfer form.

To transfer your domain to GlobeHosting, a free and instant operation, you need a transfer key obtained from RoTLD.

See step-by-step instructions for obtaining the transfer key !

What does it mean to renew a

We have reached the simplest part where all you have to do to make sure things go smoothly with your site is to renew your domain, when it is about to expire.

You know that when you register domain with a certain name, you do so for a limited period of time. Well, when this time expires it is necessary to renew the domain. Otherwise your site will no longer work and you could very well lose your rights to the domain you own.

This involves two things that might scare you:
You don’t own a domain name.
You’re just a tenant.
If the domain expires and you forget to renew it, you may lose it forever.

Yes, it sounds scary, but things are not as dramatic as they seem, because you can take simple precautions. You can own a domain registered with your name, which you can sell at any time.

But if you forget to renew it, you may find that someone else will steal your name right under your nose, even if you have always owned the site.

So, renew your domain for a longer period than the minimum. Try 5 years or even 10. Another thing you can use to sleep peacefully is to use the automatic renewal option, which many registrars offer.

It is the perfect solution if you do not want to register your domain for a longer period of time. The biggest problems come from renewing areas you no longer need or use.


In conclusion, you must remember that sometimes caution can save you from problems and headaches, on all levels. We are talking about domains.RO, registration and domains with us.

Therefore, we will recommend three simple things you need to accomplish to successfully complete this simple renewal process .

One of them is to make a list of all the domains you have. Second, it is very important to check the expiration date . The domains will expire after 5 years from the registration date.

If the domain was registered (or the owner changed) before 2014, then it will expire this year.

And last but not least, to extend the validity of the domain. From March 1, 2018 you can add between 1 and 10 years of validity to your domain. The maximum validity period for a .ro domain is 10 years.