Boat neckline, the detail of dresses and T-shirts that speaks of summer!

The boat neckline is that detail that speaks of summer!

Born in the fresh cotton sweaters in white and blue striped pattern, the boat neckline has enjoyed great popularity over the years.

Loved by 60’s style icons , such as Bigitte Bardot , embellished with fabrics and embroidery, it is that something more capable of giving style to the simplest t-shirt.

Boat neckline, how to recognize it?

The boat neckline stands out for its shape, which not by chance recalls that of a boat.

Slightly higher on the shoulders, which however remain uncovered, it descends soft on the chest with square geometries.

It may be more or less high on the shoulders but what is certain is that it is always unmistakable!

More glamorous than the classic crewneck and less pronounced than the deep neckline. Suitable not only for sweaters but also in elegant dress or on maxi kaftans.

It has long been cleared through customs for ceremonial fashion, up to bridal fashion.

How to match it?

Its real strength is versatility !

Even a solid color shirt, in black and white, finds grit with this cut on the shoulders.

It is perfect under classic trousers ; it is bon ton with a wide 50s-inspired skirt underneath . Maybe in pastel shades!

With Capri pants and a canvas lace-up it makes you feel on vacation.

It can be simple cut or embellished with embroidery and ruffles.

Sangallo lace is a joy for the eyes, the only accessory you will need for an evening by the sea!

In ceremonial fashion it is capable of breaking the solid color and the long line of the dress in a simple and elegant way.

Let’s play with accessories!

The boat neckline leaves the shoulders uncovered and allows you to play with accessories .

The choker necklace, the earrings with maxi pendant, there are no limits to the matching fantasy when wearing the boat neckline.

In contrast to the shades of clothing or in a coordinated color, the maxi accessory is the icing on the cake of a unique, unmistakable style.

He has come a long way from his shy beginnings in the world of fashion and is now a style protagonist of the summer outfit.

Do you also love the boat neckline? How do you match it? Have you never bought a garment from this cut?

Dresses with prints, the fabric is colored

The dresses with the prints dress the fabric in color, with ever-changing floral patterns, always new.

In summer, the printed fabric becomes the protagonist, with a mix of colors and motifs that alternate and break the routine of the solid color.

Why exactly in summer? Because it is the season of light, of color; golden skin and sunset over the sea.

In summer everything becomes play, fantasy, there is a desire for freshness, to interrupt the daily routine. The dresses with the prints are the one-way ticket to this journey in color.

Never excessive, if combined with art they can be a real passepartout from morning to evening, from the office to the aperitif.

Dresses with prints, how to choose them?

As often happens in fashion, the answer may be that the only limit is your imagination!

The offer on the market is so wide, varied and rich that there are prints and fabrics, packed in as many dresses, sweaters, blouses and pants for all tastes.

From the 70s optical geometric to the boho chic floral print; from the visionary fantasy mix that combines all different motifs but together, capable of having a fantasy flavor to the minimal, essential print.

The dresses with the prints are perfect to be combined with a classic solid color garment.

Do you want to give personality to a white T-shirt? With a printed maxi skirt and a low lace-up you will have an original, unique day outfit.

Arriving ceremony? Try a long dress revised in a printed key. The charm of a dress that reaches down to the feet made original by a motif capable of giving the dress its own personality.

Dresses with prints are suitable for use in many different situations.

Perfect for the beach, over the years they have been able to find their place also in the urban and ceremonial styles.

We know how important details are, how they are capable of making a difference.

A printed dress embodies the detail, thanks to a fantasy capable of talking about who wears it.