Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

Have you heard of shared hosting? Do you want to know more about this product? Read this article all the way.

If you happened in this article you are probably looking for hosting . You are about to open your first web space and before throwing yourself headlong into this new project you want to know all the products that the online world can offer you. In this article we will talk about one of these products or shared hosting. We will explain what shared hosting is , why choose it and when it is not the right choice. You will also find alternatives to choosing the shared mode. At the end of this article you will have a clear idea of ​​what can be useful and what cannot be, your choice of products will therefore be aware and perfect based on your personal needs. But first let’s do some clarity for beginners.

What is hosting?

The ‘ hosting is a service offered by the web server to allow users of all types to use the server to support Web sites or online pages to make it accessible to all online users. There are different hosting solutions on the market and we can divide them into:

Free hosting

Shared hosting

And VPS hosting

Each of these products provides its customers with a specific service more or less suitable for certain uses.

Free hosting let’s get to know him better

Free hosting is a hosting that has no cost, as its name says. Its space on the server is made available to each user without paying any monthly fees. This type of virtual server has a single advantage and is being free, it is an ideal solution for those who intend to create a website for recreational purposes. To be able to take advantage of a free hosting you must have a subdomain that is proposed to us by the platform to which we rely and will contain the name of the same platform, it will therefore appear in this guise www.nomedeldominio.nomedellapiat

We do not have the possibility to link a private domain to this hosting so in case our purpose was to open a professional or business site we will have to either be satisfied or turn to other solutions. The domain for a company and a professional must be of the first level if you want to make a good impression and look professional. Free hosting also has a series of limitations both for users and for visits that can enter our space, this is because it is not otherwise able to offer the service for everyone.

VPS hosting

L ‘ VPS hosting is also known by its full name Virtual Policy Server is a private server. This kind of server and therefore dedicated hosting is provided upon payment and is a private space that has those who buy it available. The dedicated servers are managed by the site maintainer in complete autonomy, there are no limits on space and visits and is therefore an ideal product for large companies and large online shops.

Obviously, in order to take advantage of this product, we must purchase it and we must also buy a top-level domain. The servers of this type provide us with unlimited space and therefore it is not suitable for small and medium-sized companies nor for professionals who would have to pay a very high fee in order not to exploit even half the capacity of this product. VPS hosting services are unlimited and this is definitely their strength compared to the many other products we find.