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How a data center works

The IT development has led to a strengthening of the park installed inside the data centers. In fact, to support the growing demand for systems and solutions, the machine rooms were literally populated with servers of different capacities and different configurations depending on the activities managed: for this reason a synonym of data center is […]

Data center guide: what it is, how it works, classification and benefits

SearchData Center From an infrastructural point of view, the data center is the beating heart of the business because it houses all the equipment that allows you to govern the processes, communications and services to support any business. Owned or outsourced, the CED is the cornerstone of business continuity. For this reason it is necessary […]

Shared hosting

And here we are at our shared web hosting. The ‘ hosting shared is a paid product that is made provisions by different companies and allows multiple users to use a particular web server. Each user has the possibility to choose a shared hosting package suitable for his needs, generally each company offers a minimum […]